Sarah Krasley at Highlights and lowlights of our first year

Sarah Krasley and I are colleagues. Actually, I have now her desk next to Autodesk CEO, Carl Bass. I got this prime real estate when Sarah relocated to our Autodesk New York office. She has since started her own company, and I got an email message from her yesterday that shared her company’s highlights and lowlights. As Autodesk VP of Products, Amar Hanspal, recently recounted his lowlights while working at his startup, Red Spark, in this season of sharing, with her permission, I thought I would share Sarah’s story.

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Bonnie Fischer

Dear Friends of Unreasonable Women,

This was “a growth year filled with teachable moments.” Actually, that’s just a fancy way of saying: my first full year at the helm of a start-up was at times harrowing, illuminating, and thankfully, once in a while, extremely satisfying. I learned that starting a company is full of plot twists — some fun and some not so fun. In the spirit of sharing both the good and the…

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