Sustainability Efforts Can Be Independent of Climate Change Perspective


Since we have the holidays coming up, instead of writing about technology previews, today I thought I’d write about climate change. I believe in science. As Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, pointed out on his blog:

If science says something is true — according to most scientists, and consistent with the scientific method — I accept their verdict. I realize that science can change its mind, of course. Saying something is “true” in a scientific sense always leaves open the option of later reassessing that view if new evidence comes to light. Something can be “true” according to science while simultaneously being completely wrong. Science allows that odd situation to exist, at least temporarily, while we crawl toward truth.

Although we’re not supposed to get scientific advice from cartoonists, that’s the great thing about science. Even something as universally accepted as Newton’s Law of Gravity was able to change. At first, we thought gravity was a force that was…

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