Updates to Project Play and Autodesk ReMake go Hand in Hand


Most technology previews are wide-open. Others are limited. Project Play is a technology preview where you request participation. The team looks at how many slots are available and adds participants on an ongoing basis. Recall that there is a relationship between Project Play and Autodesk ReMake. Many of you may remember Autodesk ReMake when it was a technology preview called Project Memento.

Project Play — the technology that powered the Smithsonian X 3D project and the latest interactive web, mobile, and VR experiences of the digitized Apollo 11 command module, is available as a technology preview. Project Play is a node based WebGL authoring tool for creating real-time interactive web experiences. These can be product instructions, real-time interactive presentations, or configurators, among others. They are created in the browser and can be viewed and interacted with in browsers, on mobile, or experienced through VR devices.

Now does that sound like something you…

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