A Modest Result: The Continuing Benefit of the Dollars and Cents of My Home Energy Audit


My wife, Sheryl, and I have a townhouse at Crown Harbor in Alameda, California. In a series of blog posts, I outlined the process we followed in 2011 to make some energy improvements to our home:

In 2013, we signed up for green energy supplied by the city of Alameda.

I entitled the modest proposal blog posts based on the fact that we wanted to spend a modest amount of money in exchange for modest savings. As the years have passed, I shared the monetary results. If I wanted to be really accurate, I could have expressed the energy reduction in terms of units of energy (e.g., kilowatt hours) instead of dollars. I mention this because by signing up for Alameda Green, Sheryl and I volunteered to pay more for our energy in exchange for not polluting the planet. Had we not done that, our dollar savings…

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