Ammo: Shortest Path on Topography

I got inspired by three guys this week on Twitter.

First up was Dieter Vermeulen which tweeted this: https://twitter.com/BIM4Struc/status/816283589969068032

Then Zach Kron followed up with this: https://twitter.com/ZachKron/status/817088565570129921

And lastly, but not least, the man responsible for the crucial part in both of the above examples, Mr Nathan Miller over at Proving Ground for bringing over a port to Dynamo from Giulio Piacentino work over at Mcneel and Associates.

And so I will add yet another example to using the Shortest Walk node in the Lunchbox library:

How to get down from a mountain. Fast..

So what I’ve done is just placing two site components and using them to find the shortest path between them.

The script in its entirety:

As I stated, “Lunchbox” is needed and the almighty “spring nodes” of course.
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