Back in Munich – Through the Interface

I’m once again across in the fine city of Munich. I flew again from Bern’s local airport, this time with a couple of colleagues from other parts of Autodesk. Here’s a quick photo I took from the window as the sun was setting over the  Alps. It was nice to be above the fog for a while!

Flying to Munich

We’re attending an internal training called ABLE – the Autodesk Business Leadership Experience – which educates employees about competitive strategy and how it is used by – and impacts – companies such as Autodesk.  Here’s Jon Pittman, our VP of Corporate Strategy, talking about the early competitive landscape in the CAD industry.

Jon talking about the CAD industry

I’ve attended a couple of lighter versions of the training, over the years: one-day simulations where you role-play running the business as part of a team competing with a number of others (in this training there are 5 teams of 6-7 players). This one goes much further, however: it’s four long days – including a couple of working dinners –…

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