Design Automation; Winning Strategy for Custom Product Manufacturers

If a product design engineer were to ask the exact intents and purpose of design automation, the simplest answer they can make is, “Design automation is a process that leads to continued reduction in design process, eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks to empower engineer for inventions.” Ideally, design automation not only eases the pressure within the design department, it also creates an environment to allow the designs to communicate and put it across various business platforms and verticals.

Broadly talking about design automation benefits, it sure does ease the tasks of an engineer by reducing time consumption, but more than that; it delivers a huge amount of ease in generating business revenue, reducing engineering lead time, interdepartmental coordination, and other documentation such as request for quotes and likes.

Managed Downstream Processes

Automating repetitive design tasks has increased the productive of product designers by reducing product development…

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