Discover the Anatomy of a Revit Family

Autodesk Revit is a very powerful application and to get to fully understand the range of functionality available sometimes it is simply a case of getting your hands dirty so to speak, diving in and exploring what you can and cannot do.

Discover the Anatomy of a Revit FamilyFortunately Autodesk provide a number of sample families when Revit is installed. The purpose of these files is to demonstrate potential, inspire and educate. One file in particular is very informative, it provides an insight into how we can incorporate basic Maths, Trigonometry, Conditional Statements, Visibility control, and formulas into our own families.

If you want to get more benefit while creating your own families, I recommend downloading this really useful tutorial that utilises a Brise Soleil (I’ll call it a sun shade) that provides shade and adapts based upon the size of the window it’s located above, the angle of the sun, the quantity of louvers and some additional controls, which will be described as we work our way through.

At the end…

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