How to get improved data from DGN’s from AECOsim into Navisworks

Navisworks has long been a place to aggregate models and data into one place for advanced design review and clash detection. One of the key ways to get value from Navisworks is ensuring as many object properties are included in the model as possible. This blog explains the process to include additional properties from Bentley AECOsim in Navisworks thanks to our consultant Quoc Pham.

Navisworks supports Bentley AECOsim .DGN file format. Not all the AECOsim properties are available through the standard translation, by using DataTools you can link the metadata to the model.

First export the model from Bentley AECOsim as an NWC or import it into Navisworks

Bentley AECOsim Structural and Architectural model elements

Modify the Options located in the Menu Browser > Options > Model > Performance > Collapse on Convert, set to None.

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Note: If you do not do this you will have multiple Element ID's.

Bentley AECOsim Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical

Modify the Options located in the Menu…

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