How To Use SimLab Sketchup Exporter For Revit

SimLab Soft presents a good video tutorial that explains the detailed process for exporting a sketchup model from Revit by applying SimLab SketchUp exporter from Revit.

With SimLab Sketchup exporter, the Revit users will be able to transmit any Revit scene to SimLab composer at any time throughout their Revit session. This sketchup plugin facilitates the users to distribute their design in skp format.

Instruction for application :-

Download the plugin and then set up SKP exporter plugin for Revit

Run Revit and load a model

Open add-ins, Ribbon Tab, and click export from Simlab Skp Exporter

Download SimLab SketchUp exporter for Revit

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Arka Roy

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