Navisworks 2017 Crashing – Updating Clash Tests

Wow, it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve actually posted!

We’ve been having an issue lately where Navisworks 2017 was crashing when some of our users were using the Update All for Clash Detection.  Tried multiple things, updating graphics card drivers, reinstalling, service packs, nothing worked.  Reached out to Autodesk and got a response that there are some Windows updates that is causing the issue.  Well, today, Autodesk released a KB article outlining what updates are causing the crashing behavior:

The development team is continuing to investigate the cause and will update the above KB article if more Windows updates are causing the crashing to occur.  Hopefully, they come up with a Service Pack or Hotfix that will address the issue so we don’t have to continuously check our Windows updates to make sure these…
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