[Watch] Dynamo, Revised

The development of Dynamo continues accelerating, becoming an integral part of Revit. Edwin Guerra, Summit’s resident Dynamo expert, reviews what changed in Dynamo in 2016.

This video highlights the exciting new possibilities Dynamo offers, including:

  • Direct manipulation – push pull functionality;
  • Improved list management – improved interpretation of node data types; and,
  • Direct shape enhancement – ability to “write” geometry directly to Revit without having to save to disk first.

This webinar is for Revit users and BIM Managers.

Ready to use Dynamo to its full potential? Contact us about Dynamo training.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuGeq3u2fQc?feature=oembed&wmode=transparent&w=500&h=281]

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