Why do people make things?

For makers: Implement is the essential step.

As part of his keynotes for Autodesk University in Las Vegas, Autodesk CTO, Jeff Kowalski, has talked about how tools are our greatest gift in that they help mankind evolve. He’s also mentioned that tools are also our limiting factor. In the large, we make tools, but tools make us.

Regardless of the tool, what makes us make things? In other words, why do people make? My colleague, Tom Wujec, has some ideas:


    Makers exercise their entrepreneurial spirit.


    Makers work together to build a sense of community and solve local challenges.


    Makers enjoy their freedom of expression.


    Makers take something from conception to completion and can say “I made that!”

So what inspires you to make something? Let us know at [email protected].

Making is alive in the lab.

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