Worksharing in Revit | parametricmonkey

If you plan to work as part of a team within Revit it is important to setup file sharing capabilities within your model. Revit behaves differently to other software and it isn’t always possible to do a simple, copy and paste from one file to another as you may be used to in other programs like Rhino or AutoCAD. Because Revit is a BIM authoring tool, elements can be hosted into other elements making simple amalgamation of files difficult.

The default, non-workshared Revit file can be used by one person as a time. This file can be copied and pasted like any other file you normally use. However in order to allow multiple to use the same model simultaneously, you’ll need to enable worksharing.


Worksets, which are part of the worksharing process, allow you to divide up portions of the model along logical building divisions. Don’t think of these as layers; think of them more as building assemblies and components. Whereas in 2D CAD you might have doors and walls as separate…

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