WebVR in Chrome and Forge

There’s a lot happening in the world of WebVR at the moment. Today’s big news is that Chrome 56 has now been released for Android, bringing WebVR support to Daydream phones (other devices to follow). This is an important landmark on the journey towards ubiquitous WebVR-capable devices. At some point we’ll be getting a desktop version of Chrome that has WebVR, too: for now I’m still testing with Chromium, as suggested by the WebVR download instructions.

The other noteworthy event – at least from Autodesk’s perspective – is the release of v2.13 of the Forge viewer. This brings some VR-related functionality I’ve been waiting for impatiently for the last few years. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get not only VR support in the Forge viewer – which happened with v.2.12 – but to get a turntable navigation mode, where your head movements map to the rotation of the model you’re examining. This is as opposed to a first person, or “look around” navigation…

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