The best methods for Modelling Revit Precast Panels

Like most things in Revit, there are many ways to achieve a result. Take mitered beam joints for example. Modelling precast panels is another prime example of this. A lot of buildings I work on have precast panels, and its my job as a structural draughtsman to model and set-out each panel. Sometimes this is quite straightforward and each panel is fairly rectangular and uniform, but sometimes the panels can be quite complex with lots of voids and steps. This blog post will look to explain the pros and cons of each of the methods we can use to model precast panels in Revit.

Revit Precast Panels using Split with Gap (Disallow joins)

Usually we will model a precast wall as continuous, and as we progress to developed or detailed design we will begin to split the precast wall into individual panels. An easy way to do this is to use the Split with Gap tool. This can be found on the Modify tab. All we do is just specify the Joint gap dimension, then click on the location on the precast…

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