Autodesk Forge Example: BLDG360

Autodesk Forge is our platform that we use to create web services and allow our customers and partners to extend those web services. Though Forge is applicable to any aspect of the design/make/use lifecycle for places, things, and media, one of its first applications is for Autodesk customers to showcase design data to their customers. In essence, we’re looking to help our customers reach their customers. Some customers use our application program interfaces (APIs) to develop their own solutions. Others reach out to Autodesk partners. The BLDG360 site is a perfect example of this.


The BLDG360 site was created by Autodesk partner, CAD & Company who offers its construction, civil engineering, and manufacturing customers a better workflow to improve quality and reduce time. They do this by selling Autodesk software subscriptions, training their customers, providing services, and developing software with technologies such as Autodesk Forge.

CAD & Company…

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