Transferring Global Parameters Between Revit Projects

In preparation for my upcoming presentation ‘Power to the People – Global Parameters‘ at BILT ANZ 2017 in Adelaide (2.3 at 1.30pm Friday 26 May), I have done some in-depth analysis of how Global Parameters work. I don’t want to spend too much time during the presentation on the nuts and bolts as there is much more exciting stuff to look at with what Global Parameters can achieve – so I plan to publish some of that research here . . . .

. . . . .Starting with how to copy Global Parameters between Revit projects:

There are two ways to achieve this, with varying results.

Transfer Project Standards

From v2017 it is possible to copy Global Parameters between projects  using the ‘Transfer Project Standards’ function.   However, it is ‘all or nothing‘, as per usual for this feature – it copies every single Global Parameter in one project to the other one, along with all the values and formulas.  So it is like applying a sledgehammer – you could transfer two hundred parameters when you…

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