Weird Stuff with Global Parameters in Revit

Following on from my earlier posts about transferring global parameters between Revit projects, and deleting global parameters, here is some quirky stuff that happens when you are working with Global parameters:

Weird Behaviour & Bugs

1.   Duplicate Labelled Dimensions

If you add a dimension to elements that already have a ‘global parameterised’ dimension, the new dimension automatically takes on the same parameter, without you realising.   If you subsequently delete that dimension, you get a message saying ‘A Dimension that is labeled . . .’  Unconstrain to remove constraint

  • If you expand the warning, it tells you what the Parameter label is
  •  It does not tell you that you are deleting a secondary (redundant) dimension with the same label as another dimension, which still remains in the model

 2.  GP Equals Constraint Conflict – Fixed in v2018 (?)

If a dimension between two elements (say gridlines) has a GP associated to it, then you place a dimension…

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