Future Construction Project Should Rely On 3 P’s Of BIM (People, Process & Policies)

To reap the complete benefits of BIM for next generation of construction, the emphasis should be given on the 3 ‘Ps’ of BIM i.e. people, process and policies.

People is the first ‘P’ of BIM: To implement BIM in a positive manner, the organization should need the entire team to realize its significance and accept it’s adaptability. The people are mostly responsible to bring in the advancement and so it should be given first priority against the processes and policies.

It is very crucial to develop sound relationships with professionals, in-house teams or a design support solutions provider. It is considered as one of the most vital factors while commencing technological conversion.

Process is the second ‘P’ of BIM: Sometimes, it is found that even skilled AEC professionals find it difficult to execute BIM though they are fully conscious concerning the benefits of the BIM. They mostly prefer to adopt the shortest and simplest method by employing the new technology with…

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