Revit Stair and Railing Enhancement Requests

Do you think that the Revit Stair and Railing tools are good enough for typical Revit modelling?
No?  I thought so.

Well, Autodesk seem to think that they have fixed stairs and railings in v2018.  Well, yes, the new multistorey stair tool is a great improvement on the old system, and it has certainly improved how it handles railings.  But there is an awful long way still to go, particularly with railings.

Autodesk are now taking user input to the Revit Ideas website very seriously – yes they are listening to our requests on that site, and the number of votes really makes a difference.

Here is what we need to do:   vote for all those stair and railing issues that urgently need attention.

I have looked through the list of ideas on the website.  Since it is quite hard to navigate through all those duplicate ideas and requests for things that already exist (where people just need a bit more training), I will try to make it easier for you by creating a few links to ideas that I…

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