Set multiple parameters at once with Dynamo

It is common practice  using Dynamo to get and set objects parameters from Revit, I’d say this is one of the best features in Dynamo actually, something that empowers all the stakeholders in a workflow to communicate information and data seamlessly using the Revit model as an aggregator. what good is the BIM if we still have to populate the “I” manually, right?
It’s also true that if you don’t have Dynamo principles clear in mind, graphs tend to be messy, let’s say not too elegant. There are even subtle mistakes that could actually prevent the graph from executing correctly.
In the image above the example on the left is wrong, and as a matter of fact crashes Dynamo because there are two parallel branches in the graph that modify the same element on the same parameter, what should be the result in this case, value 1 or value 2? There is no good answer actually. On the right instead a sample of how it is supposed to happen from a graph flow point of view. It doesn’t make much sense to…

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