A #BILTeur Keynote That Dares to Disrupt You! – RTC News

Is the emergence of artificial intelligence and block chain technologies a savior or destructor for the digital build environment? At our previous events we have explored the possibilities of generative design, we have witnessed how next-level data analytics are re purposing building properties on the fly and how algorithms have moved beyond simply replacing mundane workflows to potentially replace the human element in how we design, construct and operate our buildings and infrastructure.

While the naysayers are hailing disruptive technologies as the coming of SkyNet; we implore you to be ready for a new mindset; face the future, don’t avoid it. At our events we have a proud tradition of bringing you speakers that challenge your current perceptions; that inspires you to seek out new ways of working and who’s advice will help you furthering your career.

So which competencies are needed to stay on top of the digital built environment today and tomorrow? We don’t all have to…

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