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Generally, I’m an Autodesk user. I’ve utilized Fusion 360 and absolutely enjoyed it in the past. However, at this point in time Fusion does not allow users to build sheet metal components. In the future, there is slated a launch in July and the details can be read here:


The downside is what do you do until an update that’s been anticipated for months is finally released? Well, the answer is to find another solution! That’s where Onshape comes in.

Onshape makes it easy!

Below is a case study of where Onshape came in handy for a prefabricated panel and awning for a tiny shelter.

Proud to be a part of this initiative for the HRDC Housing First Village of Bozeman, and grateful every day for the support Harvey’s Plumbing and Heating has given me towards my education at Montana State University.
The panel below was fabricated using OnShape, a plasma cutter, and a folding machine. This panel is being installed in three pieces for the awning on the tiny shelter we are building for the community. Harvey’s Sheet Metal fabrication shop is a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop that has generously donated their time and machines for the initiative of the project. Pacific Steel and Recycling of Bozeman donated the steel for the project. This is a great example of the community coming together for the intent of providing shelter to those who need it.This is a great example of the community coming…
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