BCS Round Tables – What are they? And what topics are covered? – RTC News

BCS North America kicks off in just less than 2 weeks… 1-2 August, Toronto, Canada. Presented below, a view of the Round Tables we will be running in Workshops 1, 2, 3 & 4 across both days of the conference.

What are Round Tables? These are intermittent sessions of up to 10 conference attendees per round table, and Hosted by industry experts on each topic presented below. Some Round Tables will be offered more than once across the 4 Workshop sessions.

Shortly we will send an email to our registered attendees asking you to nominate which Round Tables you would like to attend. But for now, here is a glimpse…

For those not registered yet, it is not too late. Please visit our website for more details rtcevents.com/bcs2017na/ or click here to register.


BCS Day 1: Tuesday August 1

Workshop Round 1

  • Content Management 401
  • Now That I Have All of This Content – What in the Hell Do I Do with It?
  • How Is Content Really Being Used in the Field?
  • What Does Data Actually Mean?



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