Real-time 3D rendering plugin for Revit and SketchUp delivers by Enscape

Enscape, is a 3D real-time rendering plugin for Autodesk Revit and SketchUp that creates remarkable visualizations with one click. They have recently upgraded its real-time 3D rendering plugin for AutoCad Revit and Trimble SketchUp.


The generated walkthrough can be viewed in virtual reality or exported into a video within seconds. It saves architects hours and days while enabling customers to experience their architectural projects from every angle and at different times of day.


According to Thomas Schander, CEO of Enscape, it is designed to meet the top demands of today’s architect, delivering an extremely fast, effortless, beautiful end product that is expensive and directly integrated with Revit and SketchUp. It is being used as a standard application in projects worldwide and at leading firms like Foster + Partners, KPF. Its accessibility and low cost make it a must-have tool for every architect’s arsenal.

In the May version 2.0 the users will simply install the…

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