What We Do with Poop. In the Innovation Zone at AU with Catherine Berner.

Here in the U.S., we take flushing toilets for granted, but around the world 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. In fact, more people have cell phones than have toilets. This is especially true in the developing world. And in urbanizing communities, if you don’t have a toilet, the options are fairly grim: use communal pit latrines, drop one in the open, or use a “flying toilet” (which means pooping in a bag and literally tossing it into the bushes). And think about the logistics (and fear) involved when using any of these options in the dead of night—especially for women, children, and the elderly or disabled. (Also, consider the possibility of going out at night and being hit by a flying bag of poop!)

Sanivation, a social enterprise based in East Africa, is turning this challenge into an opportunity by providing affordable, dignified sanitation—with a twist. Catherine Berner, the organization’s technical lead, spoke in the Innovation Zone at AU Las…

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