I an recently back in Dubai after 2 glorious, eventful weeks in the UK. I’m going to review it backwards.  Maybe that will shed fresh light on the experience, a bit like holding a picture upside down, or viewing it in the mirror.

The climax was a gig in Reading with my “schoolboy band”, the core of the band being 3 of us who were at Barnsley Grammar School together in the 1960s.  By coincidence I watched “8 days a week” on the return flight which was another way of reliving that startling decade. I did a short solo set at the beginning of the evening which went down really well.  Great to be performing again.

I had spent a few days staying in Reading with my old friends Jo & Ian, practising during the days, talking in the evenings.  I got to walk around the neighbourhood a bit more than I have before and enjoyed the red brick architecture with decorative banding.  Clearly it is influenced by the nearby Reading School by Alfred Waterhouse, as well as local vernacular tradition.  I…

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