From Peru to Brazil – Through the Interface

So we made it to Brazil. After a 4:30am departure from the hotel (ouch), we took the 6:55am flight back from Cusco to Lima. We ended up having to collect our bags and recheck them onwards to Sao Paolo, as LATAM needed to issue us a new ticket after cancelling the previous leg due to our “missing” the flight from LA to Lima (this is when we were re-routed via Dallas and Miami, as you’d be forgiven for not remembering :-).

Back in Lima, just passing through

The wait in Lima was a little long but not insufferably so. The flight to Sao Paolo was otherwise uneventful – we had a little rejigging of seats for my wife to be sat with the smaller kids, and I’d been assigned a middle seat (argh) that morphed into two seats when the person to my right moved to a seat with a working entertainment system. Phew!

I’ve been reflecting back on Peru, now that this leg is behind us. It was an interesting country: in many ways it reminded me of India… even trucks seemed to have the same handwritten font.

A handpainted notice on the side of a truck in Peru

All the traffic…

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