Scheduling Global Parameters in Revit

Revit is all about data and displaying or extracting that data.  So, you’d think that when a new Revit feature  is added, like Global Parameters, you should be able to schedule them?
Wrong!  You cannot directly schedule or tag Global Parameters in Revit.

However, I have devised a workaround (NB. this won’t work on Revit 2016 R2):

Example 1 – Reporting Dimensions

In this example there are several sloping ceilings.  Each ceiling has a built-in property ‘Height Offset From Level’, which represents the height of the base of the ceiling slope.  This can easily be scheduled.  It is not so easy to schedule the height of the top of the ceiling slope – unless you use global parameters:

Step 1 – Reporting Dimensions

  • In a section view, add a dimension from the level to the top end of the sloping ceiling
  • Associate this to a global parameter
  • Make it a reporting parameter

  • Repeat this step for each sloping ceiling

Step 2 – Project Parameters

  •  Create a new instance project…

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