You Will Love Laser Scanning with this Hardware

Shaan Hurley using the Leica BLK360 laser scanner on a construction project
Just over a week ago I got to use the new Leica Geosystem’s BLK360 laser scanner on a project. After having used other laser scanners in the past, and some being not only very expensive but also heavy and cumbersome on project sites, this BLK360 was an absolute delight to use. It was about the weight of a large mug of coffee plus a light tripod and then the iPad to run Autodesk ReCap Pro for mobile app.

I had been anxious to use the scanner since we announced it last year at Autodesk UniversityLeica + Autodesk = a Reality Capture Game Changer | ReCap Blog

The BLK360 was seriously fast to power on and ready to scan and then almost a one button operation all controlled from your iPad. Seriously, this is one high tech laser scanner that anyone could operate with very little training.  The scan takes about 3 minutes then you move it to the next location all while it is actively transferring the scan to the iPad and registering the scans in the background. After the first

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