Specifying manufacturer products

The free-to-download sample NBS specifications have been updated on our website to include manufacturer information:
– https://www.thenbs.com/services/our-tools/nbs-create/sample-specifications

For each discipline there is now has an example where the performance of the system  has been specified to inform contractor’s design and also an example where a system has been fully specified including a selection of manufacturer products.

The screenshots below show how this works in the NBS software using the ‘NBS Plus’ manufacturer library and also the final output.

For each product clause in NBS the manufacturer selection may be either left to Contractor’s Selection or a specific manufacturer and product reference may be specified.

In the Landscape example, the manufacturer Charcon is selected

Once a manufacturer product is specified, the specification options for that particular product are provided within the software. Accompanying guidance is provided in the NBS Plus window to the right.


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