The 10 Most Popular Links From ArchSmarter’s Thursday Top 5

A year ago, I started the “Thursday Top 5 from ArchSmarter”, a weekly email with links to what’s new and interesting in AEC technology.

I’m constantly scouring the Internet for news and tips related to BIM, design, and architecture. The “Thursday Top 5” was a way to share my findings with the larger ArchSmarter audience.

Apart from missing a week or two along the way, I’ve been surprisingly consistent. In fact, writing the email has become one of my favorite things to do all week.

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I recently went through all the past emails and compiled a list of all the links and the number of clicks each has received. It was interesting to see what’s been popular (and what hasn’t).

One thing is for sure, ArchSmarter readers are a diverse bunch! The top 10 most popular links ranged from how-tos to cool drawings to opposite jobs. And while I was pleased to see a good amount of ArchSmarter links in the mix,…

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