Vectorworks 2018 is just released to improve your BIM workflow

Vectorworks, Inc., the leading BIM software developer, just released Vectorworks 2018 in English language. This newest version comprises of Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as Vision.

In Vectorworks 2018, the user workflows have been significantly improved. In BIM, it can be viewed in the direct section and elevation editing and multiview capabilities as well as in all the Wall tool improvements that facilitate the designers to model wall constructions in an efficient manner in order that the walls are visible precisely in plan, section and elevation drawings. There are other instances like site model contour editing and enhanced seating sections.

Another exciting feature is the incorporation of analysis and design. With the inclusion of Braceworks to the entertainment portfolio that is packed with the industry-leading Spotlight and Vision software, entertainment professionals get the ability to finish their complete workflow that…

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