Why do you create? (ft. Dolan Dark, FrankJavCee, Sethical + more)

hi guys im baaaack! this was a super fun project – i asked a bunch of youtubers why they create and got some more youtubers together to animate their responses…and it was chosen as a finalist for the VidContest 2017 (thank u!!) and is being screened tomorrow at VidCon Australia :OO

whew, that was a lot. but ye, hope you guys like it! i really enjoyed hearing everyone’s different answers and just getting to practice animating again for the first time since 9th grade ^^;;; definitely gonna keep practicing – feel free to lmk what u want me to animate next!

guest animators:




creators featured (in order):

0:00 FrankJavCee

0:05 Lord Bung

0:14 Sethical – animated by ToothpasteHD

0:18 HeroticTV – animated by ToothpasteHD

0:21 Spicyboi

0:25 Winshard

0:30 Dolan Dark – animated by Rigamarole

0:37 Imaginary Ambition – animated by RNKN

0:45 Spechie – animated by ToothpasteHD

credit animations by kittengf (http://lambgf.tumblr.com/)

music: Digital Dreams by FrankJavCee