BILT EUR 2017: How Dynamo Can Help Revit With It’s Topographical Issues

Hi, Everybody! As mentioned in the previous post, a lot of time has been put into preparing for BILT EUR 2017 and the class I had there: How Dynamo Can Help Revit With It’s Topographical Issues.

Now, as stated to the participants it is a very narrow subject and in many cases you should probably use other tools (Autodesk even showed a video with improved Civil 3D/Revit exchange, so who knows what the future will bring..)
That said, the stuff I’m bringing to the table here has actually been the last weight to tip the scales in Revit’s favor when it comes to choosing BIM-authoring tool at the beginning of a project. Especially for Infrastructure projects, where we possibly couldn’t deliver at all with Revit, if we did not have Dynamo.

So, with no further ado:

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