#DesignNightDC: Robots for Good! on October 27, 2017

Banner_Design Night

Design Night, open to the general public, is an events program that started at the Autodesk Gallery. At each event, guests explore a different theme — such as generative design, robotic systems, machine intelligence, or virtual/augmented reality — that challenges the conventionally narrow definition of design. The theme is reflected in all aspects of the event, from the activities guests enjoy to the food they eat to the music they hear. The result is a fun and fascinating venue for exploration, networking, and the exchange of ideas.

Since its inception, Design Night has expanded to other locations such as Boston, Detroit, London, Montreal, Neuchâtel, New York, Paris, Portland, Singapore, and Tokyo. Our next Design Night is being hosted in Washington, D.C.

Today, robots are used for everything from building cars to cleaning your carpets, but the use of robotics for social good in developing countries is still new. This Design Night will explore how robotics are…

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