How to produce a 90 degree elbow pipe with AutoCAD 2017

This is another useful presentation from Mufasu CAD.

In this CAD tutorial, one will learn how to generate 90 degree elbow pipe by applying various commands like polyline, circle, shell and other commands.

This tutorial is specifically created for beginner’s level. The entire tutorial is made in AutoCAD 2017.

Tips to create a pipe bend :-

1. In the drawing area, choose a pipe that contains an open port.

2. At the end of the pipe, click a continuation grip.

3. On the ribbon, click Home tab —> Part Insertion panel —> Toggle Pipe Bends to allow pipe bends.

4. If you dislike to employ compass angle snap, on the ribbon, click Home tab —>Compass panel—> Toggle Snaps to deactivate angle snaps.

Watch the following video, to learn the complete process.

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