Overcoming BIM Implementation Challenges with a Change in Mindsets

A common denominator to all the large building construction projects is that they are complicated in terms of management and the challenges aren’t going away. To suffice this, in the March of 2016, McKinsey & Company, while referring to large construction projects stated that they take about 20% longer than expected and are up to 80% over budget.

These problems have persisted despite mandatory BIM implementation. One of the reasons to this is that the entire EPC fraternity, design consultants and engineers have been slow in adopting the digital platform of BIM. With BIM implementation, the action was called for, but they couldn’t cope up because they failed to adopt the cultural change that was much needed.

If we look at U.K.’s construction industry, they have been more successful in implementing BIM, than their competitors, because they have embraced BIM with a changed mindset. They made amendments in their technology infrastructure and practices. A capability of unbiased…

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