SmartPlant 3D loaders for Navisworks – Updated!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to provide an update for SmartPlant 3D (.vue) file format support in  Navisworks.

On Friday we published updates to the 2016, 207 plugins and published a new 2018 version of this popular plugin for Navisworks.  The update incorporates fixes for some customer reported issues, as well as bringing the loader in line with the latest version of Navisworks.  The plugin is available to all Navisworks customers with an active subscription (which must be associated with your Autodesk ID to allow downloads – speak to your account admin if you can’t access), and is available with immediate effect.  More detail is available on the app store.


Here are the direct links to the Navisworks app store:

Navisworks App Store Home Page:

SmartPlant 3D (.vue) apps:

Please feel free to take a…

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