Tahiti and Moorea – Through the Interface

A traditional Tahitian flower

After a slightly crazy week spent exploring the intricacies of the medical system in French Polynesia, we finally managed to relax and kick back for the weekend.

On Saturday – after Anokhi was discharged from hospital, albeit with a minor, post-operative fever – we were taken on a drive around the island of Tahiti by our hosts. The weather wasn’t particularly good by Polynesian standards (it was just fine by Swiss standards 😉 but we still got the chance to see a fair amount of the island.

We stopped for lunch at a popular surf spot, which also had black sand beaches.

Surfers in and out of the seaThe boys watching surfers

From there we headed on south-east onto the smaller part of the island – known as Tahiti Iti or Tai’arapū – where we drove up towards Belvedere for a view out across the larger part (Tahiti Nui).

The view across to Tahiti Nui

Coming up here got us out from the bank of cloud over the main part of the island, which was nice.

We had hoped to use our remaining time to get across to one of the atolls in French Polynesia – ideally Fakarava

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