Theater Sneak Peek: Welcome to Cloud Collaboration

The cloud. You hear people talk about it. You even hear people make jokes about it. But do you really understand what it can do for you and your company?


This AU Theater session Cloud Collaboration kicks off Tuesday morning at AU (8:30-10am) with a series of sessions (all 15 minutes or less) explaining how AEC and manufacturing firms are doing more and doing it faster thanks to remote storage and compute resources.

Lona Dallessandro, Senior Product Manager, IoT, PDG-CP-Fusion, Autodesk         

The Power of IoT to Enhance Customer Experience through Collaboration in the Cloud

Learn how both AEC and design and manufacturing companies are using the cloud and IoT to help formerly distinct teams do more together.

Dale Lutz, Co-Founder and VP of Software Development, Safe Software

Speeding Integration with the Forge API: A Case Study

Bonava, a leading developer in Europe, unified terabytes of construction data from legacy systems and used A360 and the Forge API to do it….

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