AU2017 Day2

The AU Live started out with a class about Autocad’s Toolpallets. If I still had Autocad as my main software it would have been a great class but since Revit is my main software it didn’t help me.

The technology Keynote was a good presentation. it had some of the enthusiasm and had a feeling of positivity that I don’t feel yesterday’s keynote was lacking.

Justin Benjamin and Josh Moore did a class on Increase the Reliability of Your Revit Model with Better Modeling Habits. This was a great class, I didn’t get to hear the whole thing because I was at work and someone kept on interrupting me, but this is a class I’m going to watch again.

The last class of the day Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Training Programs presented by Donnie Gladfelter, Jason Kunkel was a really good class talking about training. This that might work and things that might not work. Having a training plan for everyone is an interesting concept.
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