How to use Action Recorder in AutoCAD to automate various AutoCAD tasks

Jaiprakash Pandey, the renowned CAD Corporate Trainer, has provided some useful cad tips on Action Recorder in AutoCAD.

Various CAD tasks can be automated with AutoLISP tool but Action Recorder is also very useful for automating recurring tasks of AutoCAD devoid of applying LISP at all.

With Action recorder, it is possible to record some of the recurring tasks in AutoCAD as action macro and it can be recalled when recorded.

As for example, if you require a specific type of array in several drawings and reluctant to generate array by hand in each of those drawings then just record your actions in one of the drawing and easily run that action for all drawings.

Recording Action: In order to begin recording actions, click on record button available in action recorder panel. This button will be substituted with stop button and your cursor will now abide by a stop icon. Now generate a circle with any radius and form a rectangular array with three rows and five columns.

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