Leica BLK360 for Revit MEP Design to Fabrication – Part 2 Plumbing Design

Leica BLK360 for Revit MEP Design to Fabrication – Part 2 Plumbing Design

I’ve decided to convert this three-part series of posts into a four-part series. Part 3 will be HVAC design focused on the coordination of plumbing and HVAC in the duplex condominium units. Part 4 will be the overall documentation of images of the finished installation.

The following will focus primarily on the plumbing design of the condominium project. The series images below consist of the completed plumbing Revit design. All items used are Revit fabrication parts for a complete plumbing design. (We will be adding hold-rite hanger brackets and additional copper stub out detailing as we progress forward with the design.)

Crawl Space Laser Scan:

Our initial setup utilized a series (four) of Milwaukee lights that illuminated the finished crawl space for us. Then we proceeded to move throughout the crawl space in a grid-like fashion. Once completed the scan we post-processed by registering and indexing the scans in our office. We then aligned them to the original set of laser scans that we had loaded from the previous post. Below is a video of the completed laser scan with some of the plumbing fabrication parts included.

A Digital Plumbing Construction for Future Fabrication:

The images below of the laser scan and coordinated Revit fabrication parts are for a final deliverable for our fabrication team and plumbers. The cut lengths are accurate and the quantity of…

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