LimbForge Uses Autodesk Fusion 360 / Forge to Design and Make Customized Prosthetic Limbs


Millions of amputees around the world do not have access to prosthetic care. In the developing world, where poverty exacerbates the consequences of limb-loss, fewer than 5% of amputees have access to prosthetic rehabilitation. This situation is compounded even further by the lack of approximately 40,000 trained prosthetists to serve all of those in need. To make matters worse, in some parts of the world, rejection by society (including family) is common for amputees. The severe stigma cast upon the disabled or disfigured in these regions can be psychologically, physically, and economically debilitating — even life-threatening.

LimbForge, a nonprofit made up of industry experts in prosthetics, 3D printing, health policy, design, and software development, is addressing the shortage of prosthetic care and social challenges amputees face by using their combined expertise to explore new frontiers in prosthetic device manufacturing. Low cost and easy customization/fabrication…

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