Scheduling Wall Heights in Revit

One of the new features in Revit 2015 was the ability to schedule wall heights – well, sort of.  More Wall parameters could be scheduled than previously:

  • Base Constraint
  • Base Offset
  • Top Constraint
  • Top Offset
  • Unconnected Height

What was not included in this list was “Top is Attached” or “Base is
This is really worrying because it means that when a
wall is attached at top or bottom, the “Unconnected Height” is almost
certainly going to be displaying a false value in the properties dialog box, and in the schedule.  

Unattached wall with correct Unconnected Height property
Attached wall top with wrong Unconnected Height property

In the properties dialog you can see those “Attached” checkboxes
so it might alert you to the issue, but that does not help in a schedule, as you cannot display those properties there.

This also occurs when a wall has been attached to a gable end roof (or any angled roof)

Edit Wall Profile

The same problem could also happen if a…

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