Adds Support for BIM 360 Docs Using Autodesk Forge

Smartvidio_platform is a Boston-based software company focused on leveraging machine learning to improve safety, productivity, and quality in the $10T global AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Their SmartTag Engine leverages deep learning to listen to (voice recognition) and watch (image recognition) what is seen in a video or photos and then automatically tags it according to defined terms and alert conditions. The platform results in significant risk reduction, saves time for field personnel, improves owner communication, tames the challenge of enterprise-wide media management, and creates an alert and analytics framework for key aspects of project delivery.


There are two key parts of their solution:

  1. One is the acquisition of photo and video content, and that’s where the Autodesk Forge platform API, comes in really importantly.
  2. The other part is in the analytics and workflow that they do on top of…

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