AU Las Vegas 2017 Sessions Are Now Online

Well, it’s here. The big harvest. More than 700 classes were presented at AU Las Vegas 2017, including those offered in the MEP and Structural Fabricators Forum and Forge DevCon, and nearly every one of them can be found online right now.

What’s that mean? We’re talking video—lots of video. You can access screen captures and audio for more than 550 classes. Instructional demos, industry talks, even a few of the most popular panels and hands-on labs. And we’re talking sample data sets, presentation materials, and handouts. (No seriously, we are really talking handouts. Juicy handouts. Move-your-career-forward handouts. Come for the handouts alone.)

Maybe you’re in AEC and looking for ways to coordinate construction and project delivery more efficiently. There are classes for you. Maybe you’re in manufacturing and looking to merge your CAD and CAM processes into a single seamless workflow. There are classes for you, too. Maybe you’re somewhere in between, looking…

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