Elf on the Shelf on the loose at Autodesk San Francisco


My wife has decorated our home for Christmas. This includes an Elf on the Shelf. As the lore goes, the Elf magically moves about, acting as Santa Claus’ scout, to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice. Well, the other day he snuck into my laptop bag:

2017-12-12 05.43.17

Once I got to work, he escaped into the Autodesk Office at One Market. Af first he was content to move about the office. For example, recall that #AU2017 experience where Exhibit Hall visitors voted on which technology they were most excited about regarding the future of their work. Well, although those mini-balls were used for voting, the Elf thought he was in the ball pit of a Chuck E. Cheese:

2017-12-12 06.28.03

He also skulked his way into the Office of our CTO and hung out among generatively designed parts — parts generated by a computer algorithm under the guidance of a human designer instead of being designed by-hand.

2017-12-12 06.29.06

The Elf was last seen headed towards the Autodesk Gallery.

2017-12-12 08.25.00

Tune in tomorrow…

Christmas magic…

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